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Carolina Counseling Center has been serving the Wilmington area as an independent practice of counselors and psychologists since 1985.  We provide a variety of psychological services, including individual assessment, psychotherapy, couples and family counseling.  As independent providers of mental health services, we are confident that we have provided and will continue to provide the very best psychological care in Wilmington, NC.

The building at 2450 Delaney Avenue is undergoing substantial renovations and will be closed to clients beginning June 6, 2022. Our providers will be seeing clients at various other locations during the renovation.  Please click on the provider’s name on the drop down menu under “Our Psychologists” to find your provider’s temporary location and contact information (potentially a different phone number and/or fax number) and contact them directly to schedule an appointment.  The remodeling will likely take two to three months, but check back for updates.  Once the renovations are completed, it is our intention to return to the facility at 2450 Delaney Avenue.

Please see the list of providers and the personal page of each for their credentials, personal statement, populations served, and hours/days available. Our providers are on most managed care and insurance panels, including Medicare.  Should you have difficulty contacting your provider, administrative staff is available Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to assist you in obtaining their temporary contact information.

Due to COVID-19, appointments are currently available by telehealth as well as in person.

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