Catherine N. Ibsen, Ph.D.

Education: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee; Ph.D., 1975
Health Services Provider – Psychologist
Professional Memberships: APA, NCPA, CFPA

Dr. Ibsen completed her undergraduate work at Western Washington State College in 1969 and her graduate work at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1975. She began her private practice in Wilmington in 1981 after teaching for six years. Between November 1991 and August 1995 she sailed around the world aboard a 37′ cutter, the BRIGADOON. This nearly 4-year adventure sabbatical coupled with growing up in Alaska has provided a unique cross-cultural sensitivity that has influenced her practice philosophy. She believes it is essential to tailor psychotherapy to the uniqueness of each individual. She uses therapeutic techniques from cognitive-behavioral, existential, and psychodynamic orientations, as seems appropriate for each individual. She is no longer taking new clients but if you have seen her in the past, she would be happy to help you find an appropriate referral.  She is in phased retirement expecting to formally close her practice by January 1, 2023.

Catherine is also a meditation and yoga instructor (RYT500) and the advisor for the Bhavana Community.  Please contact her for more information about her approach to meditation, psychotherapy or yoga.